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Certified CMMI® Lead Appraiser 

Organizations around the world work diligently to achieve performance excellence based on CMMI’s benchmark practices. When they are ready to measure their accomplishments against the CMMI, they call a Lead Appraiser to determine their capability or maturity level.

Certified CMMI Lead Appraisers are able to:

Use best practice outcome-based instructional techniques to effectively support student mastery Understand how to plan and prepare for an appraisal using the CMMI Method Definition Document (MDD).


  • Understand how to conduct and report an appraisal using the MDD
  • Understand how to conduct an Action Plan Reappraisal using the MDD
  • Understand CMMI appraisal quality and ethics standards for improving and maintaining the reliability of the CMMI V2.0 appraisal method
  • Understand how to plan and prepare for an appraisal using the CMMI Method Definition Document (MDD). 

Certification Process

  1. Prerequisites

  2. Confirmation of CMMI Partner Sponsorship

    Be sure your sponsoring organization is a CMMI Institute Partner that is licensed for the CMMI product suite.

    Not a Partner? Learn more about partnership today.

  3. Submit Lead Appraiser Application 

    Candidates must:

    • Complete the Partner Candidate Sponsorship Form
    • Non-native English speakers should send their TOEFL score demonstrating their ability to read, write, and speak understandable English
    • Use the button below to submit their application, where they will choose a view-based specialization: Development (DEV), Services (SVC), or Supplier Management (SPM)
    • Candidates may have more than one specialization but must choose a primary view for the course and observation
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  4. Required Experience

    Each application will be reviewed by the CMMI Institute Appraiser Application Review committee.

    Candidates will be reviewed on the following selection criteria:

    • Teaching Experience and Skills


      Candidates must have training and/or experience in classroom presentations and management skills.


      Required: One year of experience presenting information (procedural and conceptual) in a clear concise, and engaging manner. May overlap with discipline area experience.


      Discipline Area Experience and Skills


      The candidate must have at least 10 years of experience in their desired View of the model. In addition to the experience and skills listed below, candidates must also have served in at least one of the following roles: member of engineering process group (EPG), member of process improvement (PI) team, or process improvement coach.



      • 10 years of experience related to product development, showing clear evidence of expertise in applicable areas
      • At least 3 years of experience related to interpreting or applying the CMMI models in a development work environment


      • 10 years of experience related to service delivery, showing clear evidence of expertise in applicable areas
      • At least 3 years of experience related to interpreting or applying the CMMI models in a service delivery work environment

      Supplier Management:

      • 10 years of experience related to supplier management, showing clear evidence in applicable areas
      • At least 3 years of experience related to interpreting or applying the CMMI models in a supplier management work experience

      Appraisal Experience and Skills

      Prerequisite CMMI appraisal experience must be gained in the 24 months prior to a desired training date. All applicants must have participated as a team member on at least one benchmark appraisal (either SCAMPI V1.3 A, CMMI V2.0 Benchmark, or CMMI V2.0 Sustainment). Applicants also must have participated as a team member on either one additional benchmark appraisal or two evaluation appraisals (SCAMPI V1.3 B, SCAMPI V1.3 C, or CMMI V2.0 Evaluation).

      Language Experience and Skills

      Fluency in English is required

  5. Submit Written Exercise

    • Candidates must successfully complete a scenario-based written exercise on the view they plan to specialize in
    • Written exercises are evaluated by CMMI Institute and those not considered satisfactory will receive instructions for next steps
  6. Complete Training & Assignments

    Candidates must:

  7. Schedule & complete an Observation

    • Students will receive observation criteria during Lead Appraiser Training
    • Candidate and Partner organization must be in good standing
    • Observations must be scheduled within 24 months of successfully completing Instructor Training (failure to do so will result in loss of candidate status)
    • Candidate must demonstrate the ability to deliver an appraisal according to the MDD and observation guidelines
    • Not applicable for currently certified CMMI appraisers
  8. Receive & Maintain Certification

    • Upon successful completion of all steps, candidates will receive their certification diploma
    • Certified individuals can market their certification via:
            - Partner Directory
            - Published Appraisal Results (PARS) webpage 
            - Email signatures
            - Credentials on LinkedIn and other social media pages
  9. Current Lead Appraisers Wishing to Add a New Specialization View​

    • Meet all course, exam, experience, and submission requirements listed in the certification process on this page (Refer to Step 4 for experience requirements).
    • Submit an application (Refer to Step 3)

Price Breakdown

Certification Step Fees
Foundations of Capability View All Courses
Introductory Building Course View All Courses
Virtual Solution Delivery $250
Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI $4400
Lead Appraiser Training $7200
Observation Visit the Candidate Information Page

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