CMMI Institute

High Maturity Lead Appraiser Oral Exam


The High Maturity Lead Appriaser (HMLA) Oral Exam is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your interpretative skills of the model and its practices, discuss your professional experiences, and show your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a High Maturity Lead Appraiser. Candidates must successfully pass an oral exam administered by two designated HMLA examiners.

After passing the HMLA Entry exam, you can send an email to to schedule your HMLA Oral Exam.

The HMLA Oral Exam usually requires 2-2.5 hours to complete and covers model and method topic areas, including:

  • CMMI high maturity concepts and process areas
  • Quantitative and statistical interpretations
  • Organizational business objectives and relation to CMMI high maturity process areas
  • Implications of high maturity practices for projects and organizations
  • Process performance baselines and models
  • Elicitation of requirements from sponsor, and education of sponsor regarding true weaknesses
  • Personal examples of interpretation applied to high maturity evidence in an appraisal

HMLA Oral Exam grading is based on a weighting system that credits candidates with points based on answers provided. The exam includes several question types including short-answer and scenario-based questions.

The HMLA Oral Exam fee is $1,800 USD, and must be paid in full at least one week prior to a candidate’s scheduled exam date.

Candidates are allowed to take the oral exam once every twelve months. Candidates may retake the oral exam if needed. The cost of a retake is $1,800. Requests to purchase and schedule a retake should be sent to

When scheduling a retake, a candidate should keep in mind that the High Maturity Lead Appraiser Entry Exam results, which remain valid for a period of 18 months after completion of that exam, must be valid at the time of the HMLA Oral Exam. A candidate may take the oral exam a maximum of three times.

Total $1800.00