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Certified CMMI® Practitioner

Become a Certified CMMI Practitioner:

The CMMI Practitioner Certification will help individuals committed to excellence in capability improvement to identify themselves for professional career growth and advancement. 

If you’re beginning your journey as a CMMI Practitioner and looking to demonstrate your commitment to capability and performance improvement efforts, earn additional responsibility, and stand out to potential employers, the CMMI Practitioner Certification is right for you. 

Certification Process

Prerequisites & Requirements

To become a Certified CMMI Practitioner, you must complete a prerequisite course and pass the CMMI Practitioner Exam. The training package includes one credit to take the exam at no additional charge. 
  1. Complete a Prerequisite CMMI Training Course

    Successfully complete the Building Organizational Capability training course. The Building Organizational Capability course includes one credit to take the Certified CMMI Practitioner Exam. The exam cannot be purchased by itself without first taking this course. Upon attending the prerequisite course, you will receive instructions on how to take the CMMI Practitioner Exam.
  2. Prepare for the CMMI Practitioner Exam

    Review the following, which will be given to you in the prerequisite training course:

    • CMMI Certification - Practitioner Policy which includes the Practitioner Exam Content Outline (ECO)
    • Certified CMMI Practitioner Exam Sample Questions
    • Building Organizational Capability Learner Objectives
    The CMMI Practitioner Exam is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the CMMI Model. We recommend that you become familiar with the Model’s structure, components, and function. 
  3. Receive and Market Your Certification

    After passing the CMMI Practitioner Exam, you will earn the role of Certified CMMI Practitioner. You should market your achievement accordingly by printing your certificate and adding the certification to your email signature or credentials on LinkedIn and other social media pages.

  4. Certification Maintenance

    Your role as a Certified CMMI Practitioner is valid for three years. Renewing your certification requires retaking the Practitioner Exam every three years.

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