CMMI Institute


ATM Program for Certification Candidates

What's the purpose of this program?

This program connects highly qualified certification candidates and who need experience as appraisal team members (ATMs) with appraisal opportunities. This can be beneficial for the candidate as well as the appraisers and their clients.

The program is also available to certified CMMI instructors and appraisers who could potentially be an ATM to gain professional development credit towards renewing their credentials.

Benefits for Partners

If you use one of the potential ATMs from our list, we will waive the $900 Appraisal Fee for the appraisal on which the ATM participates.

Who's eligible for this program?

The potential ATM must be an individual who has been accepted into a certification program to become a CMMI appraiser or instructor and has completed the Applying CMMI course since 2011. They may also be a currently certified CMMI instructor or appraiser who need to gain professional development credit towards renewing their credentials.

What's expected of candidates accepted into this program?

The potential ATM will cover all costs associated with their participation including but not limited to the cost of their effort, travel expenses, meals, incidentals, etc.

How can I enroll in the program?

In order to participate:

The lead appraiser must contact us at with information about the appraisal (dates, location, constellation, and maturity level) and we will connect you to some candidates who need ATM experience.

To finalize the waiver of the per appraisal fee:

The Partner will need to follow up with us at to provide the name of the Appraisal Team Member that you are working with, as well as the corresponding Appraisal ID number.

If you need ATM experience to finalize or renew your Certification:

If you need ATM experience in order to finalize your CMMI appraiser or instructor certification, or to renew a certification, you can be added to the list of interested ATMs. Please send an email to with your request.