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Certified Enterprise Data Management Expert℠

The Data Management Maturity (DMM) model bridges the perspective gap between business and IT and helps organizations to evaluate and improve their data management practices. As an Enterprise Data Management Expert℠, you will be able to lead and assess data management practices in your organization. 

Certification Process
  1. Complete prerequisite CMMI training courses

  2. Confirmation of CMMI Partner Sponsorship

    Ensure your sponsoring organization is an ISACA CMMI Partner that is licensed for the DMM product suite.

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  3. Submit the EDM Expert Application Package

    You must submit:

    • A completed Partner Candidate Sponsorship Form
    • For non-native English speakers send in your TOEFL score demonstrating you can read, write, and speak understandable English.

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  4. Review EDM Expert Application

    Each application will be reviewed by ISACA.

    The application package must show that candidates fulfill all the EDME selection criteria listed below.

    • EDM Expert Basic Requirements

      • 10+ years data management experience (see Subject Matter Expert disciplines list).
      • 3+ years managing data management programs or projects.
      • 2+ years experience in developing or implementing data management business processes.
      • 2+ years experience in developing business data requirements, or developing logical or physical data models.
      • 2+ years experience in enterprise data architecture, or as a business sponsor/owner/SME for one or more components of a target data architecture.
      • Demonstrated experience in compliance evaluation activities (examples: participating in or leading compliance reviews of data deliverables, such as data models, data quality audit plans, data standards, metadata, data architecture blueprints, data management processes, etc.).
      • Demonstrated experience developing, implementing, or participating in a data governance program / group.
      • Demonstrated familiarity with systems development lifecycle principles and practices.
      • Strong oral and written communication skills.
      • Demonstrated presentation experience for both technical and non-technical audiences.
      • Demonstrated facilitation experience (examples: joint requirements development, peer reviews, architecture reviews, decision meetings involving multiple business areas).
      • Bachelor’s Degree from accredited college, or commensurate experience (15+ years data management experience).
      • Fluent in English.
    • EDM Experience Requirements

      Subject Matter Expert credentials - Demonstrated expertise through work experience in at least five of the following disciplines, preferably in large data layer environments or data warehouse environments:

      • Data governance
      • Data quality
      • Enterprise data strategy
      • Organization-wide data management processes
      • Enterprise data architecture
      • Data standards and compliance
      • Data modeling/database design
      • Master data management/Reference data
      • Data integration - (including eDW/ODS/DMdatabase consolidation/Custome-COTS)
      • Metadata management
      • Data acquisition/enrichment
      • Data management technologies
      • Data operations for enterprise data warehouse environments

    After reviewing the EDME Application Package and conducting the EDME Candidate Interview,  ISACA will contact the applicant to confirm their acceptance as a CMMI Candidate EDME.

    Upon being accepted, the CMMI Candidate EDME can register for the Enterprise Data Management Expert Training course.

  5. Participate in a DMM Assessment (recommended)

    Participate in one DMM Assessment as a team member, or observe a live DMM Assessment.

    This step is optional but highly recommended prior to the course.

  6. Complete EDM Expert Course

  7. Schedule and Complete an Observation

    Within 12 months of successfully completing the Enterprise Data Management Expert Training course, you must demonstrate the ability to successfully lead a DMM assessment.

    The candidate's organization must: 

    • Determine the location of the offering
    • Requests an ISACA CMMI-authorized observer to conduct the observation using the Observation Request Form
    • Only one candidate EDME can be observed per assessment
    • If an interpreter is required, the candidate’s organization is responsible for obtaining, and providing payment of, an ISACA-approved interpreter.

    The observer will provide you with feedback at the conclusion of the observation and will provide the required information to ISACA for your candidate observation package.

    If you pass your observation, ISACA will notify you of your status as a Enterprise Data Management Expert and will provide you with a certification diploma. For observations that are unsatisfactory, ISACA will provide feedback and, if necessary, steps for remediation. Any additional ISACA support for remedial work may be billed in accordance with Partner Network pricing. 

  8. Receive Your Certification

Price Breakdown

Certification Step Fees
Building Enterprise Data Management Capabilities elearning $750
Advancing Enterprise Data Management Capabilities $5000
Enterprise Data Management Expert Training $7500
Observation  See Candidate page

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